Service and Maintenance

In order for your Air Conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation equipment to operate as efficiently as possible we strongly recommend a regular maintenance is carried out. It is well known that regular servicing will ensure a far longer lifespan of the equipment, improve its performance and reduce running costs.

At Boss Cooling service and maintenance contract will also make you fully F Gas compliant. Under F Gas legislation, it is the owner of the equipments responsibility to ensure that their air conditioning and refrigeration plant is leak free. As part of the contract we will do the regular leak inspections. We will take care of all required record keeping. We will send a fully certified engineer to you and we offer 24/7 support in the event of a refrigerant leak.

Lack of maintenance can increase energy consumption by as much as 36%. Any potential problems can be identified and put right early helping to prevent expensive breakdowns and downtime.

Not only will a regular maintenance keep your air conditioning and refrigeration plant in good working order, it will also kill 99.9% of all bacteria and fungi on contact within 60 seconds. Micro organisms such as Legionella, M.R.S.A and E.coli are all eliminated.

At Boss Cooling our dedicated service and maintenance F Gas certified engineers have a vast amount of experience in keeping equipment in excellent working order.

We offer a bespoke planned preventative maintenance package tailored to your specific requirements. The usage and environment of your equipment will determine the frequency of maintenance required. For example, a small office where the air conditioning is used infrequently we would recommend two service visits per year, but for a critical server room or busy restaurant we would recommend a maintenance contact with more frequent service visits.

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